Marketing Artificial Turf Online

Marketing Artificial Turf Online

In today's economy and with the current push towards more transparent and effective marketing , companies are getting into online marketing . An industry in particular would be the artificial turf industry . Dealers , distributors , and manufacturers are all making the move from offline advertising to online advertising .

Why I am using the turf industry as an example ?

I am referring to the synthetic turf industry because the market for turf is getting bigger and bigger year after year . More and more people understand the value of converting their grass into turf . Homeowners are looking for new ways to keep a beautiful lawn but have pets that ruin it or do not want to keep up with the costly and labor intensive maintenance . There are also schools and recreational facility managers that are comparing the massive return on investment they get when they install turf and lose the sod . Granted the upfront costs are high , but the money they save from less maintenance over the years is well worth the initial costs . Any Finance Major can tell you that .

So because the artificial turf market is growing the search volume on Google has significantly increased over the last few years . Some turf companies have caught onto the trend early and have started online marketing campaigns before their competitors and are reaping the benefits . One in particular being EasyTurf of San Diego , Ca . They started their online marketing campaigns back in 2005 and have seen a significant increase in their market share to the point where they now own the majority in Southern California .

For you other artificial turf companies , do not worry , it is not too late to jump on the online marketing band wagon , just don't wait too long that your local competitors beat you to the punch .

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Jason Kirby is an Internet Marketing Consultant with eBoost Consulting located in San Diego , Ca . Jason specializes in online marketing for the artificial turf industry ,